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Color Doppler Ultrasound Chicago

The Color Doppler Ultrasound is used to generate a picture of a blood vessel. This process converts the Doppler sound waves into colors that are generated on top of the traditional black and white photo. These colors are used to show the direction the blood is flowing through the blood vessel and how fast it is going. This state of the art technique is very useful to help Dr. Garg and his staff to evaluate the blood that is flowing through major veins and arteries. When using the Doppler, it is easy to see blocked areas or reduced flow of blood through narrow areas in the major arteries. Dr. Garg likes to use all precaution necessary when it comes to your health and safety. Since you can not just look at a veins and see the problems they are causing internally, he can rely on the Color Doppler Ultrasound to do just that. These problems often can cause blood clots or even more serious- a stroke, can easily be seen by using the Doppler.

How Dr. Garg Can Help

At Veins Without Surgery, Dr. Garg is known for keeping up with all the new technologically advanced procedures and will take all steps necessary to find out how to fix the problems you may be having caused by problematic veins. Some patients come to Dr. Garg with veins aren’t painful or a sign of a bigger problem, they just want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Since the Color Doppler imaging is now provided on almost all commercial ultrasound machines and is the latest and greatest in assessing the blood flow, Dr. Garg and his staff are capable of making sure these veins can be removed safely without any issue. Most procedures can be done in less than hour and are highly effective.

Contact Veins Without Surgery

Call the Veins Without Surgery office today is you are suffering from chronic leg pain, bulging veins, varicose and/or spider veins, vein bleeding, venous insufficiency, or leg ulcers. All of these problems most likely can be easily fixed and with the help of the Color Doppler Ultrasound, Dr. Garg and his highly educated staff will be able to tell you what treatment options may be right for you. With three convenient locations in the Chicagoland area, you are given the option to make an appointment at an office that is the closest commute for you. All offices offer the same procedures and open 6 days a week to serve you.

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