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Varicose Veins Chicago

Varicose Vein Treatment ChicagoLearn everything you need to know about varicose vein treatment by turning to
Narendra K. Garg, MD, in our Naperville or Chicago offices. Getting bold, beautiful skin free of unattractive veins has never been easier than with our new, state-of-the-art procedure that is very effective in both men and women. Contact us now at 630-369-6644 to ask about insurance carriers that cover this varicose vein treatment.

Varicose Veins by Endovenous Laser

Our varicose vein treatment is the latest FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure for unsightly, bulging varicose veins. Laser treatment is done in our office under local anesthesia, and requires little to no recovery time. In fact, most patients can come during their lunch break, get the procedure done in about 30 minutes, and return to work the same day!

What are Varicose Veins?

Vein Clinics SchaumburgVaricose veins are large, bulging veins caused by backflow of blood. Normally, the blood flows in the veins from the foot, upwards towards the lungs and heart. This flow is controlled by valves that allow blood to flow only in one direction. Certain factors, such as heredity, family history, pregnancy, or other reasons cause these valves to become damaged, which creates bi-directional blood flow. This causes the veins to dilate from increased pressure, and turn into visible varicose veins.

What is the Traditional Treatment for Varicose Veins?

The traditional treatment is called surgical stripping. In this complicated procedure, usually done under general or spinal anesthesia in a hospital setting, the veins are stripped out of the leg through numerous small incisions made along the course of the vein(s). These cuts usually heal with the formation of a small scar. The procedure is invasive, requires several days off work, and is approximately five to seven times more expensive than our varicose vein treatment.

What is the Endovenous Laser?

The Endovenous Laser Treatment is a revolutionary new spider vein treatment that is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthetic. With the Endovenous Laser, a thin optic fiber is introduced through a needle into the varicose vein via ultrasound guidance. The laser energy is then activated, and the laser fiber is slowly withdrawn from the vein. This procedure generates enough heat to close the vein. With the closure of the main varicose veins, the smaller, surrounding veins may shrink or disappear. This vein is ultimately converted into scar tissue and absorbed by the body. Once the diseased vein is closed, the blood is re-routed naturally through healthy veins.

On 1/17/2012 S.P. from Aurora, IL writes: Great job and service! I went to Veins Without Surgery seeking help with my varicose veins. On my first appointment I met Dr Garg for consultation and I was very impressed with him and his staff, everyone was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had ultrasound test done first on both legs and then Dr. Garg came to talk to me. He explained how he can help me and said that need to have three procedures done including two with laser and that my insurance will cover all of them. So I had the one laser procedure done first and it went very well. It was not painful as I initially thought, I mainly felt slight pressure, the only hard thing for me was that I had to ware compression stockings for one week after that and they were kind of tight but it was ok, you get used to it.
The rest of my procedures went even better- very smoothly and the best thing is that my legs feel better now, I don’t have the heavy feeling at the end of the day anymore and they even look better.
I am very happy with my treatment and I would recommend this place to my family and friends.

Choosing the Right Treatment Provider & Technology

Endovenous Laser Treatment NapervilleThe Endovenous Laser Treatment has only been available for the last few years, and is gaining popularity. It is expected that surgical stripping will eventually become obsolete. It is important that you ask your physician if this varicose vein treatment is right for you. Among the Endovenous Laser technologies currently on the market, we find that 1320 NM CoolTouch technology is the best. This technology targets the water in the endothelium of the veins, thereby causing no damage to the surrounding tissues. Other lasers rely on your vein being filled with blood. This blood is targeted by the laser, and the risk of complications such as pain along the vein and blood clots is higher.

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What is Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

After receiving the Endovenous Laser Treatment for the main veins of your leg, it is usually expected that the smaller, surrounding veins either disappear or shrink. If they do not disappear, they can be treated by either Sclerotherapy or Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a simple procedure done under local anesthetic where small segments of the veins are removed through small needle holes.

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Is This Procedure Covered by Insurance Companies?

Yes. Since varicose veins are a disease, most insurance carriers and Medicare will cover this procedure if you have symptomatic varicose veins. (Common symptoms include pain, itching, swelling, discoloration, ulceration, restless legs or leg heaviness, etc.) However, if you do not have insurance, we provide short and long-term interest-free financing.

What Happens If I Leave My Varicose Veins Untreated?

If left untreated, varicose veins can cause a host of problems like pain, swelling, discoloration, and severe itching. It can also cause restless leg syndrome, skin breakdown, and ulcer formation that will be difficult to heal.

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