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Varicose veins and spider veins are a nuisance. They are an incredibly common problem, but the good news is there is a solution. Veins Without Surgery is Chicagoland’s answer to these vascular health issues. If you are living in Oakbrook, Illinois, you should consider looking into Veins Without Surgery to get rid of your varicose or spider veins. Our three offices are located about twenty miles each from Oakbrook, making them a short drive away from the solution to your venous problems. We have offices in Chicago, Naperville, and Schaumburg.

Our doctors and staff are well-versed in the art of nonsurgical vein procedures. After years and years of experience doing thousands of these procedures, our experts are the authority on vascular health. The methods we use are not invasive or are minimally invasive and do not require inpatient or overnight stays. The technology we use is completely state-of-the-art, as are our facilities. You can come in for your procedure and go back to Oakbrook the same day looking and feeling fantastic.

The main procedure we use, particularly for varicose veins, is the Endovenous Laser process. This procedure is miles ahead of traditional varicose vein treatment. It is much less costly and time consuming, only requiring a quick half hour appointment. There is no recovery time, and the only side effect tends to be a bit of tingling for a little bit after the procedure. You could come in the afternoon and be back in Oakbrook for dinner. When you schedule a consultation with our doctors, the procedural options, as well as risks and benefits will be discussed.

Another benefit to this process is that insurance typically will cover the procedure. Varicose veins are a major medical problem, as they can lead to issues if not addressed. We recommend that you contact your Oakbrook insurance provider to find out if the procedures offered at Veins Without Surgery are covered under your plan. However, if they are not for some reason, we do offer great financing options.

This is your chance to finally rid your legs of those pesky veins. No more hiding your legs or being embarrassed of varicose or spider veins. You have the option through Veins Without Surgery to fix these problems and once again have legs worthy of showing off! Stop the suffering and call Veins Without Surgery or contact us online to schedule an appointment. You’d be amazed at what Dr. Garg and Dr. Ashpole may be able to do for you! Make the trip from Oakbrook and get the virtually painless procedure that will give you the legs you want.

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To ensure that the best possible care is provided to all of our varicose vein and spider vein patients.