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If you are experiencing pain because of your varicose or spider veins, Veins Without Surgery is here to help. While Joliet, Illinois, is farther south than some of the main Illinois cities, Veins Without Surgery has three separate locations, with our Naperville location being the closest. However, if you commute from Joliet into the city of Chicago or near Schaumburg, you could also take advantage of those locations. Suffering from varicose veins is not something you should have to experience any longer, and we can help you be pain free.

While exercising regularly, stretching, and elevating your legs can help alleviate the pain that varicose veins cause, it is not the best solution. We offer procedures such as sclerotherapy and an Endovenous Laser process that are non-invasive options to treating varicose veins. The benefits of the Endovenous Laser process greatly outweigh any side effects you may experience. The lack of any scar, the fact that it is much less costly, and the avoidance of any recovery time are all improvements upon traditional varicose vein surgery, which is invasive and requires general anesthesia rather than just local. Additionally, it takes less than an hour for the actual procedure and you can get up and continue on your day after. If you commute to the city of Chicago from Joliet, you could come in right after work and be back in Joliet before 8:00 that night! Some people even come in during their lunch break.

Insurance companies often cover the expense of the treatments we offer, partially due to the medical issues that can happen later in life because of ignoring your varicose veins earlier in life. While the aching, cramping, and swelling may seem manageable now, it will only get worse. On top of this, skin breakdown and ulcer formation can begin to occur. During the consultation, we can find out if your insurance provider in Joliet is one of the many that cover our procedures. On the off chance that they do not, we offer short and long term financing, all interest free.

If you are experiencing pain from your varicose veins, know that there are options available to you. When you schedule a consultation with us, you can expect to meet with the actual doctor that will be performing your procedure. We want your life in Joliet to be as pain-free as possible; going through with a non-invasive treatment for your varicose veins will definitely increase your quality of life. To schedule an appointment with us, call 877-898-LEGS or fill out a form online!

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