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Those living in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with either varicose or spider veins are in luck. Veins Without Surgery, the area’s premier non-surgical vein center, has locations near you! Our offices near Hoffman Estates include Chicago, Schaumburg, and Naperville.  The Schaumburg office is the closest to Hoffman Estates—only a six mile drive, meaning you are, at most, a fifteen-minute drive away from beautiful legs free of varicose and spider veins!

Our experienced staff employs non-surgical methods of getting rid of varicose and spider veins. Your venous problems will be a thing of the past with one of our outpatient and virtually painless procedures! Assuming you have varicose veins, the treatment you will most likely receive is our Endovenous Laser process. Not only is this procedure less costly than traditional varicose vein procedures, but it also requires no recovery time and does not leave a scar. When you schedule a consultation with our doctors, the treatment options, as well as risks and benefits will be discussed.

As many of our treatments relieve our patients of pain and discomfort, most insurance companies cover the cost. Varicose veins lead to many medical issues, particularly if they are not treated, therefore insurance companies are willing to help. You should check with your Hoffman Estates provider; if for some reason they do not cover your expenses, we offer financing options.

With experts in vascular health managing our facilities, you can rest assured that you are getting the best and quickest treatment for your venous issues. These experts have been treating patients in Hoffman Estates and the surrounding areas for years, and have thousands of procedures under their belts! Become one of the thousands who have stopped suffering from varicose and spider veins by giving us a call!

We do not limit ourselves to residents of Hoffman Estates. If you happen to live in an area near Hoffman Estates and the surrounding neighborhoods, feel comfortable coming to Veins Without Surgery. We’d be happy to help get rid of your venous problems.

We know how painful varicose and spider veins can be, and how the way they look can make you feel about yourself. That’s why at Veins Without Surgery we dedicate our time to eliminating these problems. If you live in or near Hoffman Estates, you should call or contact Veins Without Surgery to schedule an appointment to get rid of these vascular issues. Don’t live another day with legs you don’t love. Call (847) 884-8346 today!


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