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The Latest “Super Glue” treatment for varicose veins is now available in Illinois

VenaSeal is the absolute latest innovation available to treat varicose veins and Dr. Garg at Veins Without Surgery is among the very first physicians in the State of Illinois to offer this new treatment to his patients. During this exciting new procedure, a medical glue known as “cyanoacrylate” is used to physically seal and shutdown the main veins in your legs. Once the veins are glued shut, they harden and turn into scar tissue and are then reabsorbed by the body. VenaSeal eliminates any risk of nerve irritation since no laser is used; requires only one needle stick of numbing medicine to complete an entire procedure and best of all, requires no use of compression stockings after the procedure. The procedure was approved by the FDA in 2015 and has similar clinical results to endovenous laser.

What is VenaSeal

Though many procedures exist to alleviate the look and feel of varicose veins, VenaSeal Closure is truly the latest and greatest. It is a non-thermal, non-sclerosant, and non-tumescent, meaning that risks are lower and recovery is faster. Varicose veins can be painful, particularly with more severe cases. Not only that, but having varicose veins cause intense discomfort, in both how you feel and how you look. Fortunately, you now have the option of VenaSeal Closure!

The Procedure

Before the actual procedure, we will take an ultrasound imaging exam of the area that is to be treated. This is to correctly determine plans for the procedure, as well as evaluating the unhealthy vein.

The physical procedure is done without the use of tumescent anesthesia, for the area being treated is simply numbed. You may feel some discomfort when the catheter is positioned in your leg, though it is rather painless; there will be specific places along the vein where tiny amounts of the medical adhesive will be dispensed. This medical adhesive is able to close the vein, reducing your varicose veins.

Afterwards, there is no downtime and you’ll be able to get back to regular activities almost immediately.

Insurance Coverage

Since the VenaSeal procedure is brand new, it is not yet covered by insurance and Dr. Garg is offering it to patients on a self pay basis. Patients who are attracted to a non-laser procedure requiring no use of compression stockings can elect to undergo VenaSeal instead of Endovenous laser on a self-pay basis.

Risks and Rewards

Technology continues to make advances in the medical community. With VenaSeal, you now have a minimally invasive option for your varicose veins. Though clinical studies have shown that VenaSeal is safe and effective, there are risks with any procedure. Risks include an allergic reaction to VenaSeal, swelling, infection, darkening of the skin, scarring, etc. All of these risks will be discussed at your consultation, and any questions you have will be answered

Though there are risks, the benefits of the procedure far outweigh them for most. One of the biggest scientific benefits is that it eliminates the possibility of a nerve injury, which has held many back from receiving treatment for varicose veins in the past. As mentioned previously, there is no need for anesthesia, there is a quick recovery, and it is relatively painless. If you find that your varicose veins are becoming more and more painful and are causing problems, consider the VenaSeal Closure procedure.

Contact Veins Without Surgery

As one of the first physicians in the state of Illinois to offer VenaSeal, Dr. Garg is an extremely qualified veins specialist who is well versed in all of the latest techniques to treat your veins. If your varicose veins are causing you discomfort and other problems, VenaSeal may be the right option. With a fast recovery time and the ability to avoid anesthesia, it is worth it to see Dr. Garg for a consultation. Schedule a consultation at one of our three locations to see if VenaSeal is the procedure for you!



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