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Narendra K. Garg, MD

Dr. Narendra K. Garg, MD, Varicose Vein Specialist Chicago - Veins Without SurgeryDr. Narendra K. Garg is the founder and medical director of Veins Without Surgery. Dr Garg is double board certified in phlebology (Vein Disorders) and Internal Medicine. Being a physician by training, Dr. Garg has a special interest in treating varicose veins by non-surgical or minimally invasive techniques such as Endovenous Laser, Micro-Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Griffin Hospital, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Garg has a special interest in varicose and spider veins and successfully completed additional training to achieve diplomate status from the American Board of Phlebology. Dr. Garg is on staff at Edwards Hospital in Naperville and Rush-Copley Hospital in Aurora, and has full admitting privileges at both locations. Contact us today at 630-369-6644 to schedule your non-surgical vein treatment with our skilled medical professional.

On 5/16/2014 Michelle R. From Bolingbrook, IL writes: Dr. Narendra Garg and his staff are great! I have been undergoing treatment for the past few months. The staff is very friendly. They are able to accommodate my busy schedule with evening and weekend hours.  The office is very clean and organized. Dr. Garg is very gentle and professional. I am very pleased with my treatment.

An Expert in Varicose Veins

A member of the American Medical Association, American College of Phlebology, American Society of Internal Medicine, American College of Physicians, and the American Society of Photodynamic Therapy. Dr. Garg strives to remain on the forefront of varicose vein treatment. He frequently appears in local media outlets to educate patients’ on new technologies for treating varicose veins. Dr. Garg and his facility is also involved in teaching and preceptorship of medical students and healthcare providers from Rush University Medical Center and Robert Morris College.  After having performed over 4,000 vein procedures, Dr. Garg takes pride in providing the most comprehensive vein care in an ambulatory setting throughout his 3 Chicagoland Locations.

Dr. Garg has developed a special expertise in treating varicose veins by the new, state-of-the-art and FDA-approved procedure called Endovenous Laser, or EVLT. This procedure is rapidly replacing the traditional way of treating veins by a procedure called surgical stripping. The EVLT is a minimally-invasive procedure that is done in an office setting with local anesthetic to remove large varicose veins. This procedure requires no downtime and leaves no scars.

Surgical stripping, on the other hand, is an in-hospital procedure requiring spinal or general anesthesia, with several days of recovery time and leaves numerous little scars on the legs. This kind of treatment is normally provided by surgeons, whereas Dr. Garg, being a physician by training, puts more emphasis on the non-surgical solution to this traditionally surgical problem.

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