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Call Veins Without Surgery if you have spider veins or varicose veins, and are looking for relief in Elgin, Illinois. We have offices near Elgin: our closest being in Schaumburg, Illinois. The office is brand new and completely modern. It is located only about ten miles from Elgin. In twenty minutes, you could be on your way back to beautiful legs.

Elgin residents that work in other areas may consider going to a Veins Without Surgery office that is closer to their work. We have offices not only near Elgin in Schaumberg, but in Chicago and Naperville as well. If either of these options suit your needs better, feel free to pay them a visit to discuss how to get rid of your varicose or spider veins.

The Veins Without Surgery family consists of an expert staff that knows how to treat your varicose or spider veins without invasive procedures or surgical tactics. Our venous solutions are completely outpatient and virtually pain-free! Dr. Garg, Dr. Ashpole, and our staff have years of experience doing thousands of vein procedures for those who live in Elgin and other Chicago suburbs. The main procedure our doctors perform is the Endovenous Laser process, which is a less costly and more timely alternative to traditional varicose vein treatments. As it is non-invasive, there is no recovery time, nor do you have an ugly scar left over. In scheduling a consultation, you will learn about the risks, benefits, and other procedures our doctors can perform.

To get a hold of our Schaumburg office, give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by the office in person. We understand that life in Elgin can sometimes be hectic, therefore we try to mitigate this issue by being available to you when you have free time, such as on Saturdays.

If you are not a resident of Elgin, but live in a neighborhood adjacent to or near Elgin, we would be happy to see you about your venous problems. Come to our Schaumburg office and leave feeling like a new person with legs free of varicose and spider veins. You’ll be amazed how great you feel!

Vascular issues are not only an eyesore, they can often be incredibly painful. Don’t go another day suffering through the emotional and physical pain that your varicose or spider veins are causing you. Schedule an appointment with Veins Without Surgery or make the drive from Elgin today and get rid of those pesky veins once and for all.


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To ensure that the best possible care is provided to all of our varicose vein and spider vein patients.