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Veins Without Surgery has proudly been serving the residents of Naperville and surrounding areas of DuPage and Will Counties in Illinois for years. Since Dr. Narendra K. Garg is the founder and medical director of Veins Without Surgery, he takes special pride in providing the most comprehensive vein care at all three of his Chicagoland locations. Residents of Aurora, Downers Grove, and Oak Brook are all just a short drive to the Naperville location. At Veins Without Surgery, you can expect the same high quality service from his staff no matter which location you are visiting.

Varicose veins are one of the main reasons people come to Veins Without Surgery for help. They are the large cause of our patient’s discomfort and leg pain. These veins occur when the circulation is preventing blood to flow correctly through your body and causing the blood to pool up in areas of the leg. At Veins Without Surgery, Dr. Garg is not only double board certified, but he has developed a special knowledge in treating problems like spider and varicose veins, by use of the new and FDA-approved procedure called Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT). This procedure is rapidly replacing the old ways of surgical striping. With EVLT, benefits include no scarring, no general anesthesia, immediate relief, and is less costly than traditional surgery. Contact the Veins Without Surgery Naperville office today and book an appointment with Dr. Garg and his staff to find out if Endovenous Laser Therapy is right for you. He can go over all of the benefits and risks, so you know you will be making the right decision.

Do you have leg pain or a bulging vein and unsure of the cause or if it is a sign of a bigger problem? Dr. Garg and his staff also treat common conditions like bleeding leg veins, chronic leg pain, leg swelling, hard veins, leg ulcers, spider veins, venous insufficiency, and various vein problems during or after pregnancy. At times, patients come to us to because they want to get rid of unsightly veins on their arms, face, or legs for cosmetic reasons. In most cases, they can be taken care of in under an hour at our office. Procedures offered are fast, effective, and virtually pain free. With that option, why wouldn’t you want to get those bothersome spider or varicose veins taken care of today? Call the Veins Without Surgery Naperville office or fill out the form found on the website today and see what positive changes Dr. Garg and his staff can do for you!

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Veins Without Surgery
The entire staff has one mission:
To ensure that the best possible care is provided to all of our varicose vein and spider vein patients.