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Living in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, provides many different things to do. However, if your legs are not in good physical shape, you may not want to take advantage of these opportunities. This is where Veins Without Surgery comes in. For those who live in Elk Grove Village and suffer from vascular health issues like varicose or spider veins, there is hope. Veins Without Surgery is the area’s premier nonsurgical vein center. With three facilities in the Chicagoland area, Elk Grove Village residents have several options of where to go to get their varicose veins or spider veins treated. By visiting our Schaumburg location, you can finally have the legs you have dreamed of-ones without varicose or spider veins.

The physicians as well as the staff at Veins Without Surgery centers are knowledgeable and incredibly experienced with venous procedures. Dr. Garg and Dr. Ashpole have performed thousands of procedures for residents of Elk Grove Village and the surrounding neighborhoods for years. The techniques they use are not invasive and do not require surgical means. If you have a procedure to eliminate your varicose or spider veins, you can leave the same day without any recovery time. Feel confident going back to Elk Grove Village looking like a new person, with legs that you will want to show off!

The specific procedure used for sufferers of varicose veins is the Endovenous Laser process. During this procedure, your doctor will find the problematic vein and use local anesthetic for pain reduction. After this, a small needle inserts a laser probe into the leg, allowing the doctor to figure out the nature of the problem with state of the art imaging. Once the nature of the problem is determined, the laser can be positioned to cut off the blood flow to the varicose veins, meaning that this blood flow enters your normal veins. While you may experience some discomfort, patients have found that the discomfort from the actual varicose veins is much more intense and prolonged.

In receiving this treatment, you are reducing pain and helping yourself medically. Oftentimes, insurance will pay for this process, but you should check with your Elk Grove Village provider. Don’t live in anguish any longer. Do something about your venous leg problems by getting a hold of Veins Without Surgery today. You can contact us online, stop by in person, or call at 847-884-8346. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can feel confident showing off those legs and finally feel free to enjoy all of the beauty that Elk Grove Village has to offer.


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