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Vein treatment center Chicago reviews

What our patients are saying about their treatment and experience at our vein clinics:


Treatments went surprisingly well. I thought there was going to be a lot of pain afterwards like a surgery, but it was completely different. (Video Review on YouTube)

My heart doctor recommended your practice here as someone who has been a long time in the field (Video Review on YouTube)


Joseph L. 11/4/2014

When I happened upon Dr. Garg’s website recently, I sensed immediately that I had at last found the doctor who would eliminate the leg veins of which I suffered. My initial, online inquiry was soon answered, via cell phone, by Dr. Garg, himself! Certainly, such direct, personal attention from a doctor is rare indeed. I live some distance from Chicago; however, I felt that any inconvenience was not too great to be rid of my varicose veins, especially given my immediate trust in and liking of Dr. Garg. As it turned out, all of my fine expectations were met and surpassed by the laser treatments in the good hands of Dr. Garg. You can be assured that you will find a warm and caring atmosphere within his offices; but, moreover, receive the extremely high quality medical care that Dr. Garg delivers to every patient.

Tiffany W. 3/21/2014

I was treated for an EVLT procedure. I saw his services on CLTV which made me call. I was experiencing pain but with Dr. Narendra help he treated me with care and concerned. Its good to have doctors that care. I would recommend his services

S.S. 1/22/2012

Currently an eye surgeon in California, I researched local practices and asked colleagues for recommendations for a vein specialist. I consulted with a local bay area practice, but upon questioning further, learned that the EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) unit they had was rented and came out once a month. As a surgeon, I know that good outcome is synonomous with high volume and I wanted a physician and practice with high volume owning their own equipment with excellent safety records and outcomes. A physician colleague of mine had trained with Dr. Garg to learn how to do EVLT and highly recommended him. Even though I traveled to the Chicago area 3 times, it was well worth it and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Dr. Garg was professional, empathetic, and certainly an expert in EVLT…..having done thousands of treatments. I am rid of some pretty unsightly varicose veins that often left my legs sore. I would highly recommend Dr. Garg to anyone with vein concerns.

Lea L. 8/21/2014

Soo glad I came here!  Dr. Ashpole and Geri were fantastic!  My legs look and feel great!  Completely painless and worth it!!! I highly recommend Dr. Ashpole and his staff here!  All of my unsightly looking veins are gone and I am pain free!!!!  Not self-conscious about wearing shorts any longer!!  Yay!!!  If considering a vein removal procedure, just call and make an appointment!  Maddie at the front desk is great as well!!
Happy Camper

Allison S. 12/20/2012

I came here due to symptomatic varicose veins on both legs. I had laser treatments and sclerotherapy on both legs between September and December. I LOVE this place. I had a bad experience previously and it was night and day between where I was before and Veins Without Surgery. Dr. Ashpole is fantastic and very willing to listen to what you have to say and respond to your questions. I was very happy with my outcome and the treatments were surprisingly affordable with my insurance. The only complaint I would have would be the awkward shape of the rooms.

Jeff G. 3/1/2012

J. G. from St. Charles: I am on my feet up to 18 hours a day and by the time I got home my legs would be hurting something awful and my ankles would be swollen up. By going to Veins Without Surgery and having the work done my legs feel Great. My varicose veins are gone. I would recommend that if you have circulation problems go see them. Trust me my legs feel great and now so do I.

Michelle R. 5/6/2014

Dr. Narendra Garg and his staff are great! I have been undergoing treatment for the past few months. The staff is very friendly. They are able to accommodate my busy schedule with evening and weekend hours.  The office is very clean and organized. Dr. Garg is very gentle and professional. I am very pleased with my treatment.

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